100% of our children can be trauma-free and thrive

Introducing New Mexico’s 100% Community initiative.

What is the 100% New Mexico initiative?

The 100% Community initiative is connecting the dots between safe childhoods, successful students, work readiness and robust local economies.

We’re strengthening a countywide system of care, safety and learning to promote the success of every family and community. We’ll ensure that 10 family-friendly services serve 100% of families.

We’re community-empowered and data-driven to get to results, guided by the book Anna, Age Eight which you’re invited to read. Download it free-of-charge from AnnaAgeEight.org.

Questions About 100% Community

What is the 100% New Mexico initiative?

What problems does it address?

How do we know if we need it?

What does it accomplish?

How does it work?

Who is sponsoring it?

How does it get started in a county?

100% Questions and Ten Sectors

New Mexico can become the safest place to be a child and the best state to be a family.

For more on the cost of trauma read: Family Trauma Impacts New Mexico’s Economy, And Is Far From Just A “Private Family Problem”

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A printable flyer version is available for download.

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