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A New Mexico where 100% thrive

New Mexico’s leaders and stakeholders are investing in trauma-free and thriving children, students and families to end the high emotional and financial costs of adverse childhood experiences, trauma and social adversity. Contact us to learn how your county launches the 100% New Mexico initiative, working in alignment with the efforts of our elected leaders and stakeholders. 

Governor: 1
Lt. Governor and state lawmakers: 113
US Senators and Representatives: 5
Cabinet Secretaries leading major departments: 30
County governments lead by commissioners: 33
City governments lead by mayors and councilmembers: 472
School districts lead by school board members: 89
College and Universities lead by presidents and boards: 28

Native American Tribes—sovereign nations headed by their own governments: 23

Within each county, there are no more than 100 elected officials and leaders who control the budgets and priorities impacting the quality of family, school, community and economic life.

Civil servants and leaders have the capacity to organize themselves in new ways to collaborate and ensure the health, safety, education and livelihood of 2 million residents. 

Want to be a 100% Champion?

Apply to become a 100% New Mexico initiative champion in your county and make history as you improve the future of all children and families.



We’re two million people within a nation of 350 million. We’re sharing ideas and solutions with innovators and entrepreneurs across the state, county and globe. We’re a living laboratory, improving policies, programs and technology to demonstrate how state leaders and an engaged public can create a seamless system of care and empowerment for 100% of New Mexicans.